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Mining Water Management

Our purpose is to assist mining companies with managing their tailings waste streams.
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hydrate membrane technology

Hydrate Membrane Technology

Hydrate membrane technology is a cost effective solution for removal of suspended solids (down to 2 microns) from tailings.
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dewatering saline tailings

Dewatering Saline Tailings

Clay minerals present a widespread problem in tailing dewatering process due to the fine size of the clay particles.
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removal of heavy metails from tailings

Removal of Heavy Metals

Kinetic is demonstrating techniques to remove dissolved heavy metals from acid mine or acid rock drainage.
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Mining Industry Research & Development

Kinetic Worldwide specialise in the development of dewatering and water management technologies for the mining industry.

We assist on projects where cleaning up the tailings water produced by the washing and processing of minerals is required.
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Managing Tailings Waste

Kinetic is an innovation and commercialisation company working on challenges in mining around water management and tailings.

The purpose of Kinetic is to help mining companies to manage their tailings waste streams.

Our technologies involve removal of suspended solids from tailings through more effective filter media and filters, and by optimising the driving factors, such as dosage and blend of flocculants and coagulants.

Our hydrate membrane filter can remove suspended solids down to 2 microns at a cost 35-67% lower than traditional methods of dewatering while delivering improved water quality.
We have developed a range of dewatering models and strategies.

We are working on techniques to extract value from dissolved heavy metals and to manage acid mine drainage through accurate long-term modelling tools and passivation techniques.

We collaborate with mining companies and with the Sustainable Minerals Institute at the University of Queensland to define the tailings management and rehabilitation problems faced by miners.

WIMNet Conference Grant recipient Di Liu describes her experience at the recent AusIMM Mine Waste and Tailings Conference.

As a successful recipient of the WIMnet Conference Grant for the AusIMM Mine Waste and Tailings Conference, July 2018, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the grant, the AusIMM WIMnet, and the conference organising committee. From attending and presenting at the conference, I found it is a great opportunity and experience to share the research findings and present my skills to this wide audience. Read the complete article on the AusIMM Bulletin website. (August 2018)

WIMnet Conference Grant recipient
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